Saturday, July 16, 2005

More medical fun

Ok, ok, OK! I get it! Kids get weird illnesses and funky diseases and fall and break thing. But, WHY do they always happen to MY kids!? Emma comes up to me yesterday afternoon, and tells me her foot hurts. So I look at it. Right by where she got a bug bite about 2 weeks ago, is a welt-like, raised area, with a swollen, red area about 3 inches in diameter, around it. I start to panic a little, as I'm afraid she might have gotten bitten by one of the innumerable bugs we have scurrying around the house. I check her temp (fine), ask her if she hurts anywhere else (no) and ask her if she remembers when it started hurting (when she woke up). Yay. So I call Jeff to let him know what's up, I go online (never a good idea, especially when there's pictures of nasty bug bites), and call my fahter-in-law (pest control guy) to ask him what he thinks might have bitten her. Everyone suggests I take her to the doctor. Good idea, but I don't have the car. So, Jeff comes home early, takes over Sarah duty, and Emma & I go to Urgent Care. The triage nurse says he thinks it's cellulitis. And, after waiting over an hour to see an actual doctor, that's what SHE says it is, too. So, she got bit by something and get an infection in the tissue under the skin. If this seems familiar, it should. Emma had cellulitits 6 weeks ago, on her thigh, after her immunizations. Sigh. This kid gets the weirdest stuff! So, we're on Prednisone (yay) and antibiotics. I think it looks better today.
So, I went to Meijer last night at midnight, to buy the new Harry Potter book. Why, you ask? Because I'm a loser, that's why. I didn't pre-order it, so I wouldn't get it before Monday if I'd ordered it online, and I couldn't have that, could I? So, I stood in line, with half the town, for an hour, to buy a book. By the time I got home, it was so late, I couldn't even read it. But, I have it. Yay me.

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