Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Now I have to wait 2 years....

for the next Harry Potter book. I'm finished with "The Half-Blood Prince". I'm sad, both at the events in the book, and that fact that I'm going to have to wait for so long to find out what happens. I guess the only solace I have is that "The Goblet of Fire" is coming to theaters this November. Looks really good. Can't wait to see Fleur Delacore in the flesh, as prissy & pretentious as ever.
Jeff, unknowingly, kinda spoiled the book for me. He found a website that has an audio file of someone yelling outside a crowded bookstore, the ending of the book. Turns out it was true. Which was not unexpected. Just wrong, plain wrong, that it had to happen that way. Jeff, who hasn't read any of the books, doesn't know what else happened, and I guess he really doesn't have time to read them in order to find out. I kinda tell him tidbits as I read them. So, again, I'm sad, I won't deny I cried, and it sucks that it's over. I suppose I could have extended it a bit by not reading it so quickly, but hey, it's me. I read the first 5 books in 3 1/2 weeks. What can I say?


Naomi said...

I read my copy in 24 hours, now I wish I'd managed to spin it out for a little while longer :( Oh well, 2 years will fly by

Belovedlife said...

My husband spoiled the ending for me. He too found a website, then read only the last two chapters. What is with these guys, as if they really care. I'm only half way through, Been busy with the kids, I'll finish it this week though.