Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Sarah is officially crawling! Of course, being as it's Sarah, she has to put her own unique twist on an old pasttime, and do it a little differently. Instead of being on all 4's, one of her legs sticks straight out, and she propels herself forward by pushing off from that foot. It's hilarious. I keep trying to correct her posture, but all she does is fall on her belly when I do. Oh well, at least she's making progress. She also pulled up to standing this morning! I was in the bathroom, and she crawled over to the tub, and pulled herself up while holding onto the edge! It's so cool to see her finally be able to get where she's been aching to go to for months. Although she's been rolling forever and army crawling for about 2 months, it hasn't exactly been the same as being able to make a beeline for where her aim is, and get there. Now that she's progressing to pulling up, though, we might need to rethink certain things, like where her crib mattress is, and what she can reach now on the coffee table.
Another milestone, while not alltogether a happy one, is the onset of Sarah's toddler attitude. And by attitude, I don't mean her giving me pouty looks and throwing herself on the ground in a pile of wallowing sadness, like her big sister. No, I mean the "I'm going to throw this on the floor to see what happens" attitude. And that's her big thing lately, throwing things on the floor. it wouldn't be so bad if were just things that I knew she was finished with, i.e. empty sippy cup or a toy. No, it's full bowls of food & cups brimming with liquid. But, I guess the funny part is, she doesn't care. She would not miss that food or drink or toy, until you had one. If she sees you with food and she doesn't have the exact same thing in front of her, you've committed a seriously heinous crime. And she'll let you know. Either by yelling indignantely, or by bursting into sobs. When you walk into a room with food, she'll eye you until you sit down, and if you haven't offered her a portion of it within a millisecond, she'll let you know her disapproval.


Monica said...

Way to go Sarah! How very exciting for all of you. Are you going crazy trying to keep up with her grabbing hands yet?

Hey... I'm trying to get a site ring about blogs related to trisomy 21 going. I'm hoping it will be up and ready to go in the next day or so. I posted a bit about it on my blog. I hope that you will join when its up and running!

Here is the link to initial information...

Mauzy said...

Go Sarah! Nash crawled the same way, the gorilla crawl. So hey, its not that different! He walked at 17-18 mo so the crawl didn't slow him down any, whatever format it was.