Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sicky day

Both little girls have come down with their first school year sniffles. Green snot and raspy breathing FTL. So Sarah stayed home from school this morning, and we're all still in our pj's watching some "Backyardigans". (I could watch that show without kids around, it's such a cool show.) I'm debating whether to call in sick to work since I think my daycare provider would have a fit if I showed up with 2 sick kids, even for an hour & a half. The girls still have plenty of energy, in fact, they're rolling all over the floor with each other as I type this.

Ok, problem solved, I just called in. The person I would be working with is comfortable with working alone for that hour and a half. Still doesn't make me happy I have to miss work, but hey, what are you going to do? Both girls are definitely getting naps and meds today. Clear snot is fine, green snot is not.

Thankfully Emma has escaped the first of the year sniffles so far. I may have to spend today Lysol-ing the whole house so make sure that stays that way. Especially with Jeff gone, I can't afford to get sick. Purell and constant hand washing for all. :)

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