Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lord give me strength

It's 10pm, all of the children are asleep...finally. It's day 1 of Jeff being gone. I know I've done this plenty of times before...don't know why this trip is starting out so hard. Could be the flood watch we were under for most of the day, and the non-stop 60 hour rainstorm, or the fact that my house is a disaster and I don't have time to clean it. Things sticking to my feet bug me to no end. I have officially squandered my daily use of the words,"No", "Stop", "Don't", "Get off", and "Time-out". It's times like these that make me really pissed that Jeff gets to go on these fabulous trips and I get to stay home and change poopy diapers. Yes, I know that's irrational and selfish, but I don't care.

And yes, I know Jeff reads this blog, but I also know he feels guilty about this, too.

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