Monday, September 01, 2008

First week down

Wow, I am almost too exhausted to be awake. This week kicked my butt. It isn't really school or work that's been hard: it's been childcare. Emma doesn't start school until tomorrow, so I needed someone to watch her all last week while I was gone. Sarah & Katie's sitter didn't have room, so I was scrambling last Sunday night, calling everyone I knew. I ended up doing a combo of 2 people. Emma had fun at both places, so it worked out. Now I have a new dilemma: Emma starts school tomorrow, but only has a half day. WTH is with that?? What's the point? :sigh: Anyhow, I'm probably going to have to skip work, which I've already talked about with my supervisor. The person I would be working with is cool with being by herself, working both desks. I hate doing it, but I also hate having to keep calling on favors from people I know.

I'm still working on getting the front bathroom ready to paint. I've been taking down the awful wallpaper for a couple weeks now. 80% of it came down with no issues, just removed the top layer and sprayed the brown paper bag looking underlayer with water and gently scraped off using a putty knife. But some of it looks like it was glued to the wall with something other than the regular adhesive. And it's not been fun trying to get it all off. So my plan to have it done by the time school started isn't going to be realized but hey, what can you do? I took down the gigantic and extremely heavy mirror in order to get the wallpaper off underneath. I may have to rethink putting that thing back up there. Or I may end up framing it in wood. I think it would make it look a lot nicer. Once everything is finished I'll finally take some pics to post. When the bathroom doesn't look like it's a warzone.


Nicole said...

I'm so excited for you to be in school! I did not finish my degree until I was 30...of course I did n't have kids back then! :) Good luck honey, I know you'll love it and it will do you a world of good. HUGS, Nicole

Amanda said...

Hee hee Nicole, I turned 30 in February, and I'm just starting. It might take me until Katie's in college, but I'll get it done! :D

Jennifer said...

Look at you super mom! But, you have always been like that too! Hope you are enjoying school and I didn't even know you were working too! WOW! No wonder you are so busy. I love reading all about the wilson family and seeing the pictures and videos too.

we miss you! xoxo

Jen Birkby

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

I am so with you about the half day thing. Our schools have several half days scheduled throughout the year. And they also will have half days instead of snow days sometimes. It used to cause tons of issues when my husband and I were both working through the weekdays.