Friday, March 28, 2008

Too Many Friends

I have way too many online friends. :) Not that that's a bad thing, but when I'm trying to keep up with everyone's blogs and read them each day, it just takes up too much of my already limited time. So, Jeff turned me on to this RSS reader, which checks the blogs & other websites I put on there for new stuff and then brings it all into 1 window. SUCH a time saver, because I don't always have time to click each blog I have on my favorites individually, and I sometimes go weeks without checking some. The one we use is "NetNewsWire" but I know there are a wealth of RSS feed programs out there.
I already have a bunch of blogs on there (as well as cause I love the news but don't get time to actually watch it, lol). Unfortunately places like Facebook & MySpace don't have RSS feeds or even Atom. But if you have a blog, please link to it in a comment (unless you don't want it "out there" in cyber space, then feel free to send me an email) so I can put you on my RSS feed. And, if you feel comfortable, I'm also trying to update MY blog to link to all the blogs I read. Let me know if it's ok to put you on that, as well. I CAN put Facebook & MySpace pages on that. :)


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

I have a google reader and I LOVE it! Makes things SO much easier! I was going to tell you it's fine to add me wherever, but I'm already there! I feel special! :)

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

I started using google reader about a month ago as recommended by Deb at Three Weddings. It was God sent! I follow 83 blogs currently!! Hey but I don't read books, so I guess this is like someone who reads books, right?