Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Home ownership blues

Argh, I seriously hate the process of buying a house. All I want is a small piece of drywall & flooring to call my own so I don't have to keep paying someone I don't like all that much money every month, and not be able to do anything to it. We've been renting for our WHOLE MARRIAGE, first it started with the Navy, and now it's been in Michigan for 2 1/2 years. Jeff & I will be married for 9 years in June. 9 years, that's a LONG time. And I've never been able to paint a wall or take out a nasty aluminum sink in favor of a porcelain one. I've been subject to bland colors and crappy cabinets because I've been at the mercy of a higher entity (AKA the government). So, we've been looking at houses to buy and I think we've found one. It's duplex that we're going to go in on with my mom. She's moving out here, well, because I'm her only child, and the girls are her only grandkids. And flying 2500 miles once a year to see them isn't working. Plus, as much as I'm sure you're saying to yourself, why would you want your mother (or in Jeff's case, MIL) living right next door. Because I've never had that with the kids. Going to see Grammy has always been a long, tiring ordeal (to see ANYONE in our family), but now all Emma has to do to see her is walk next door.

On another front, there is a nasty bug running through our house. My mom & aunt were here for a few days (house stuff) and they, along with Jeff & Sarah, did not have a good Saturday/Sunday. Emma had something up with her on Friday, but she was over it by the time it hit everyone the next day. Jeff blamed it on bad McDonald's, but Emma & I were ok. Jeff stayed home from work yesterday, and still felt crappy when he left for work this morning, after Sarah had puked after she woke up. Joy. Mom & Aunt Rhonda were ok (I think) by the time they left for home yesterday. They just had to deal with their plane getting re-routed to Detroit instead of Chicago and apparently being on the puddle-jumper plane from he*&. She called me & said they were being sent to LAX and then to Sacramento, but they didn't have a confirmed ticket, it was handwritten & given to them in Detroit...not exactly the best scenario. I haven't heard from her this morning, so, to be honest, I don't know if they got home last night or not, lol.

I had my Gestational diabetes test yesterday, the one where you drink that orange soda with almost no carbonation & then wait an hour to get your blood drawn. I was already shaky to begin with, then you throw a buttload of sugar on top of that...not fun. I don't think I have GD, but I know something's up. I get weak first thing in the morning, even if I eat, and it lasts all day, regardless of what I do. My blood pressure's a little low (think it was 102/52) but no one's saying that's a problem. When I'm not pregnant I have mild hypoglycemia, and this is how I'm feeling, like I haven't eaten, when I have. Oh the joys of pregnancy.

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Anonymous said...

I hope you're ok. Let me know how the test turned out. I promise to mail your pictures first thing tomorrow.
Just to let you know, Melissa's surgery is Monday. I'm pretty stressed, but I'm sure all will turn out well. Love Mom