Friday, April 01, 2005

Making Strides

I feel less of a complete lump today. I actually started feeling a little better yesterday, with the pressure in my face a lot less and also less of a pounding in my head. Still a snot-face though.
Jeff & I are going to a LAN party tonight. Basically, a bunch of geeks sitting around for 12 hours, playing video games. Jeff went to one a few months ago. I told him I wanted to go to this one. I'm probably not going to do that well, as I don't have a lot of time to practice on the games that they play, but it'll be fun. A girl named Jessica is going to come over and watch the kids for us. This will be the first time I've been away from Sarah for overnight. Even though I'll just be down the street at the college, I know I'll probably be worried about her the whole time. She's been getting up at about 1:30am for the past few nights. Then she's up again at about 6:30am. But, this girl seems pretty competent. She's watched really young children overnight for the past few years. And she's not a freshman, lol. I think she's about 23. Plus, she's getting her degree in Special Education, which I thought was really neat. She was recommended by a student co-worker of Jeff's (who's going to be at the LAN party, the only other girl) and Jessica said she was really excited when she heard that Sarah had Ds. She's worked with kids with Austism and Cerebral Palsy.
I'm going to pump to make sure she has something to give Sarah in case she wakes up. Emma's excited to have someone new come over. She met Jessica last night and was happy that she was coming back tonight. She told her to bring her pj's and that they're going to have a party. With popcorn and everything. It's a "Girls Only Party", lol.
On a different note, Emma has been doing really well with her chores. All this week, she has made her own bed, without any prompting from me. And she does really well at it. She's kept her room practically spotless all week, as well. This must be her genes from Jeff kicking in, as I am NOT innately a clean freak. Although she does need some help remembering that her toys on the floor of the living room are her responsibility, too. Apparently she thinks that she only needs to take care of them once they're in her room, and I'm the one who needs to get them there. Sounds like someone else I know...

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