Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Yesterday was a pretty big day for Sarah. The optical shop called and said her glasses were in. We went to go pick them up while Emma was at school. They're so cute!!! The lab had shortened the temples so they weren't gargantuan on her. They're still a little too long in the temple, but not nearly as bad. They also have an elastic band that goes around the back, but even on it's smallest setting, is too big. I'll need to modify that a bit. Sarah has already shown her disdane for these glasses. While the guy was fitting them to her face, she starting throwing a major fit, trying to grab them off her face. The fit miraculously stopped as soon as they were off. She then shot the guy the EVIL EYE, and proceeded to look at me, and raise her arms to be picked up. It was too funny.
We went over to Jeff's office to show him her new specs. The first thing out of his mouth was, wow, those are thick. It's true, they are pretty big lenses. Poor thing must have been REALLY blind. Now it's just going to take some time for her to realize she can see better, albeit differently, with them on.
She seemed kinda depressed in the first few hours after we got them. She kept shooting me these, WHAT did I do to deserve THIS????, looks. She was quieter than usual and didn't seem very social. But, after a little while she seemed to perk up.
Emma, Sarah & I went to go check out the charter school that's just outside of town. This was the one I as drawn to at the Kindergarden Info Night. It's technology based and seems to be really good. I had planned on checking it out 2 weeks ago, but then the sickness came and has just recently (within the past 4 days) decided to relinquish it's grasp on me. I wasn't able to see much of the work inside, as it was recess/almost lunch time. But I saw both the K classrooms and saw some of the kids during their centers. Some of them were working on the computers and some were working on the letter "Y", using sand in a container to draw out the letter over & over. Very clever. So far I'm pretty impressed with how they teach. I enrolled her after the tour. They have a "Kindergarden Round-Up" on the 26th. That's basically where they do all of their assessment tests to see where Emma is academically. I think they also do a hearing & vision test. It should be interesting.
We also cut Sarah's hair last night. Emma got her first professional haircut on Sunday, and we probably should have had them do Sarah's too, but I did Emma's first big one, so out of nostalgia, I guess, I did it myself. We cut about 4 inches off, and trimmed her bangs. It's about an inch above her shoulders now. It's kinda hard to cut hair on a moving baby, but I did my best. There's pictures on the website. Emma did very well during her haircut. She even let the lady wash her hair in the big sink. She basically got a bang trim, about an inch or so off the bottom, and some face framing. It looks really good!
The weather here is really turning around. There was no snow on Saturday like it said there would be, but that's how Michigan weather is. It changes hourly. It's supposed to be 75 today, but then between 50-60 for the next week and a half. Like I said, it can change hourly.

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Sarah is adorable in her glasses and haircut! Now you have to post a picture of Emma's professional do..
Love your blog