Sunday, February 15, 2009


Apparently this family loses teeth in groups.

A few weeks ago, I had noticed that Sarah had a loose front tooth. I kinda panicked as I thought she was too young to start loosing teeth. But, I had to remind myself that she'll be 5 in April, and she just looks younger than she is. Also, Emma lost her first tooth the month after she turned 5, so it wasn't terribly early. Based on how wiggly it was, I gave it less than a month before it was out.

So, last Thursday, when we're all home from school/work, I'm making dinner (or rather standing in the kitchen wishing desperately for inspiration to hit me in the face regarding what to make for dinner) and Sarah comes to me, and her mouth is bleeding a little. So, I look and it's her tooth; not out completely, but a lot more wiggly than it had been. I gave her a towel to chew on, to help it come out, as I couldn't pull it out myself. About 10 minutes later, she comes back to me, towel in hand, and no tooth in her mouth. I ask her where it was, and she said "Idunknow, mommy". Oy. So, I check the towel-no tooth. I check her mouth-no tooth. I had Emma look all over the living room-no tooth. So, Sarah lost her first tooth, and them promptly swallowed it. Given her high pain tolerance I probably could have pulled it and she would have been fine. So, needless to say I've been checking her diapers, but no tooth so far. Unfortunately, she diapers have recently returned to their prior "consistency" and I probably missed it. But, no fear, the tooth fairy was notified, and left Sarah $2.

Not to be outdone though, Emma had some loose teeth of her own. She actually had 3. She hasn't lost any teeth (naturally, although she had 1 pulled about 2 years ago) in over 2 years, so it was time.

Yesterday, being Valentine's Day, and 4/5 of us being sick, I didn't want to cook, but we couldn't go out. So, Jeff, being the wonderful husband he is, and seeing as how he was feeling more human than he had in days, volunteered to go pick up food from Lonestar Steakhouse. I hadn't known that they did take-out. I was giddy. Their rolls and honey butter are to die for. But, I digress. So, he and Emma went to pick up our food. They brought it home and we all sat at the table. The girls ate very nicely, and we were having our first sit down dinner in almost a week. Then, suddenly, Emma gasps, and pulls what I think is bread out of her mouth. She shows it to me, and I see it's one of her teeth. So, the tooth fairy came last night for her, too (even though she's already in on the "secret"). I'm expecting the other 2 loose teeth to fall out within a couple months at the very latest.

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Little Miss E said...

At least the tooth fairy is still making some mint in this economy! We want toothless pictures!