Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sick & tired of being sick & tired

You'd think the plague had hit our house with the amount of snot, mucous, and general ickiness we've had here.

Last week Jeff started feeling bad, on Monday evening. He called in sick on Tuesday with a bad fever & all over achiness. I figured he had the flu, but also knowing Jeff, I figured he would kick it in about 24 hours. That's generally how things go with him. His immune system is phenomenal. When Tuesday evening came around and he wasn't better, I started to think that this wasn't a run-of-the-mill illness. The girls were ok for the most part. Emma had a cough, but seemed ok. She was coughing through the night and ended up throwing up early Wednesday morning. So, she stayed home. The other girls were ok, until the evening, when they started with their own coughs. I decided to keep them home on Thursday, and stayed home myself. By then, Jeff's symptoms had changed some. The fever was still there, but not terrible. The achiness was less, but now he had chest & nasal congestion and a very sore throat. He was thinking flu/strep throat. I knew he had the flu, but I was iffy on the strep. I know post nasal drip can cause a very sore throat. We all went to the Urgent Care to get the official diagnosis, and took the little girls with so we could get them checked out, too. They were fine, just a little upper respiratory infection, and we were told to treat them symptomatically. Jeff finally got labeled with the flu, but no strep. He was told to pretty much be in quarantine until Monday. I don't think he's ever missed 4 straight days of work due to illness. Like, ever.

By Friday morning, the girls no longer had fevers, but Emma was back to coughing up a lung along with having a fever. So she had to miss her class Valentine's Day party, which she was thoroughly bummed about. But, I promised her that I would take her Valentines to her teacher after work.

At bedtime we'd been giving the girls some cough/fever medicine to help them sleep, but apparently it wasn't working for Katie. She woke up Friday night and Saturday night with pretty high fevers. Friday night she ended up in bed with us for a few hours, but I eventually put her back after the meds kicked in. Saturday night I went grocery shopping late, after the girls went to bed. I got home around 11pm, and after all the groceries were put away, I went to check on the girls. Katie was, surprisingly, still awake. She was quiet, but awake. I went to go give her a hug and she was burning up. She had a temp of 102. So, she got some Motrin, along with a drink, and I stayed by her to put a cool washcloth on her forehead. Katie, when she's delirious with fever, is wryly hilarious. She was laying there, perfectly content, but she kept saying things like "Emma's asleep", and "Sarah bit me, look Mommy, she bit my finger"- all perfectly calm and matter-of-fact. She also took issue with the fact that Oreo (the cat) was walking in her room. She kept telling her to get out. "I want Oreo out of here, Mommy." It was funny.

She finally fell asleep about 1am, poor girl. But, she was running amok with her sisters this morning, so it just looks like a flukie thing.

I know I will probably jinx myself by saying this, but so far, I haven't succumb to whatever germs attacked my family this week. I think it was some higher power that basically said,"If your family is to survive this week, someone has to be able to take care of everything." But, Jeff is leaving later this week for another business trip, so I know that will probably be the time when I get bombarded with it all. Karma hates me.

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