Monday, February 02, 2009

I'm so rone-ry

*Just for clarification, that last word in the title rhymes with "lonely".

So, Jeff's gone for a few days. I know it's nothing compared to the ghastly 6 month deployments back when he was in the Navy, but it still sucks having him gone. Especially on my birthday. All the girls are asleep in bed, and I'm sitting in the living room on my laptop listening to music. That's usually what I do when he's gone and I don't have children awake & running rampant throughout the house. I stay up way too late, listen to music, and play on the computer.

I had my aerobic kickboxing class tonight. My Jaime Pressly look-alike instructor so very nicely pointed out the fact that it was my birthday and had the entire class sing to me. She made up for it by not telling the entire class how old I was. Heh

The girls went to Emma's friend's house while I was at class. They have 3 boys, so she gets her "girl-fix" when they're over, lol. Of course, it takes a crow-bar to pry Sarah & Katie away from the house, cause it's apparently more fun than our house. Either that or they know that they're headed for bed as soon as we get home. LOL But they must have played hard while they were there because they both fell asleep with little to no arguments. I'm lovin' it.

So, here's to being my friend Deanna put it, "It's not as traumatic as 30." Hear, hear.

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