Friday, July 25, 2008

So moms aren't invincible

Big surprise, eh? Yeah, it was to me, too. I woke up yesterday morning with serious upper back pain. Like, it hurt to move/talk/breathe type of back pain. It was right between my right shoulder blade & my spine. Right where I couldn't really stretch it out to try to alleviate it.

I'm not usually one to run to the doctor for every little thing (well, not when it comes to ME), but I really wasn't able to do anything productive. I tried heating it and stretching some more, but no luck. I was thankfully able to get an appt with my Internist yesterday afternoon. She massaged and stretched and manipulated my neck. She also checked my make sure it wasn't my gall bladder. Apparently gall bladder issues can sometimes present themselves as upper back pains. But, that didn't seem to be the issue. She also said that she herself holds her stress in the same place, but on the opposite side. She asked if I had been experiencing stress. I had to suppress a snort, thinking, I have 3 kids and a husband who's been on 4 weeklong trips since the beginning of May, AM I EXPERIENCING STRESS??? I politely said, I might be, a little.

So, the diagnosis: strained and inflamed back muscles. Which might be from dragging carrying 2 little 30 lb. girls who think the "flop-n-drop" is the new Olympic sport and are going for the gold. I was given a Rx for a muscle relaxer and told to take some anti-inflammatory drugs. I picked up the Rx after dinner, took 1 plus 2 Advil, and waited...I didn't see any real relief until this morning, but I feel 100x better now.

Oh, and it was suggested I get a massage. Oh yeah, this is why I like this doctor. She tells me, in her professional opinion, that I need a massage, to help my condition. I definitely see some therapy in my future.


Me said...

Sorry you hurt your back, BUT, at least you can get a massage out of it! I like that doctor! I wonder if my doctor would prescribe a pedicure for know to relieve the stress.

datri said...

What is it with the ol' "flop & drop"? Grrr. I swear I'm going to end up dislocating my kid's arm when she does this.

Anyway, glad you are feeling better. Enjoy your massage!!