Thursday, July 10, 2008


The audition last night went pretty well. I was the only one there trying out for either of the 2 older female roles, so I went first. Surprisingly I wasn't nervous, which was odd. But it got my portion over with quickly. Although the person I was reading with said they had quite a few the previous night.

Anyhow, the director said the call-back list would be on the door of the theater this morning, and call-backs were Friday night. So, where was I first thing this morning after dropping Emma off at speech camp? Of course, I was sitting in my car outside the theater, hoping no one would recognize me being a total loser and waiting for the list to go up. I saw the director go in, put up the list, lock the doors and leave. And because I didn't want to look desperate, I waited until he was out of sight before going up there. I was on the list. :D But so were about 30 other people, for only 7 parts. My odds aren't great, but hey, at least I got called back. That's pretty cool.

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Me said...

That's WAY awesome!! Think positively, you just may be surprised! Good luck, can't wait to hear more.