Friday, February 22, 2008

Happy 100th Day!!

Today is Emma's 100th day of school. And guess where she's spending it?? At home! Cause she has a fever, poor kid. She's spent the last 2 days at home with a low grade fever, tummy ache & headache. It's not really high enough to make it seem like she's really sick, just high enough to keep her out of school. I'm hoping that it will abate itself by tomorrow, so she can go to her friend's birthday play-date.
As for the rest of us, we're all good! Sarah doesn't have school today, due to a conference of some sort, so all 4 girls are at home, just hanging out. Emma's in her room playing on her computer, and the little ones are upstairs making a giant mess with their duplo blocks. :) But, they're playing nicely with each other & I don't hear any screaming, so this is a good thing.
I haven't updated much in the last month, so here's a general rundown:
I turned 30 on February 2. I'm officially no longer a spring chicken. LOL I had a wonderful day, with Jeff going out with all 3 girls to go get bagels and cream cheese, which he then served me in bed with coffee. Mmmmm. I have such a wonderful husband!!
I then went to go get my birthday present, which was a 60 minute massage. Again, I have such a sweet husband!! Sarah had a little incident while I was gone, and we decided against going out for dinner than night. Instead we ordered take-out Italian from one of our favorite places, and just hung out at home. It was great!!
Sarah had her frenuloplasty 2 weeks ago. That's where they clipped the underside of her tongue in order to give it more mobility. She hadn't been able to stick out her tongue much past her lips, and when she did, it curled under, like it was being pulled. She now can move her tongue a lot more freely, and is actually starting to say /l/ sounds, which is something she never really did, because of the tongue thing.
Jeff & I are still in school, and it's oh-so-fun. :) Jeff's programming class is VERY difficult. I know he will be glad when it is over. HIs other class is a class on Adolescence. I laughed when he told me that, I asked him if he was preparing for when our daughters hit puberty. He said he was going to need all the help he could get. LOL We both have mid-terms next week, so we've been studying our tails off. We also found out that CMU will likely extend the school year by 1 day in order to try to make up for all the classes that have been cancelled due to the crazy weather. Jeff's a little perturbed because it seems like classes are only cancelled on Tues/Thurs, which is NOT when he has class, lol.
So, that's pretty much what's been going on with us! Wish us luck as we continue this house buying process. We have our inspection tomorrow morning & if all goes well with that, we'll have our appraisal done next week. We're looking to close on May 1st, which may seem like a lot of time, but I basically have to go through everything in the house & determine it's value, and then pack it up or chuck it. We haven't moved in over 3 1/2 years, and we've accumulated a lot of stuff, so it should be interesting!

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