Thursday, January 03, 2008


Well, the new year is here. It didn't come with a bang for our family, which was nice. We've had quite enough excitement around here, thank-you-very-much. Jeff & I didn't go out, we stayed in, playing Wow, because we're geeks. Emma asked if she could stay up til midnight, which has always been a goal of hers, though I don't know why. But, she did it! And she was plenty wide awake enough to give us a bit of a fight when we told her a mere 30 minutes later that she had to go to bed.

I was very happy that 2007 ended on such a quiet note. The last month or so of 2007 was enough of a whirlwind. I had started a couple posts to blog about the absurdity of our lives since Thanksgiving: having strep, twice; looong 15 hour car rides home with sick kids, having to stop every couple of hours to suck snot our of their noses so they could sleep; flight cancellations; flight delays; the 1st Class plane ride from hell; lost luggage; lost carseats; kids getting hurt at airports; not to mention the everyday puking & pooping. It was enough craziness to think that it just couldn't be real. I was almost ready to look around for hidden camera & people hiding behind bushes. I told Jeff it was like there was some huge cosmic joke being played on us, only I couldn't see the punchline.

There are so many things that have happened that I probably should have blogged about, but didn't. Not because I didn't want to, but because I was pretty wrapped up in my own despair & misery. A little girl on a DS board I go to was diagnosed with Leukemia. A mom of a little boy from the same board passed away from cancer. I'm slowly emerging from this fog that I've been in for awhile. So hopefully 2008 will bring about a resurgence of sorts for my blog.

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