Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Let's Play a new Game

It's called: How many days in a row can we be stuck all together in the house without smacking each other with wooden spoons?? Argh, we just had a 3 day weekend, and we wake up this morning, all ready to go to school (me included), to find that 7 inches of snow fell on the ground, thus rendering the entire Mount Pleasant area unsafe. According to the schools. This is really ticking me off. Not because we end up being home together, but because this could all be avoided if the Road Commission had money. They decided this new year, that they couldn't afford to pay the people who plow the roads to work before 7am, or something like that. So, if it snows during the night, 95% of the roads don't start getting cleared until 7am. And that's only the main roads, of which there are 2 in our town. The rest are left for us to slip & slide along, and maybe by noon or 2 pm they'll have salt on them to help the snow melt. And if you're trying to get to someplace out of town (like Morey Public Academy) you're screwed. The road we travel to get there is barely plowed as it is, even if they've had all day.
I know the schools probably account for allowing a few snow days during the year, this being Michigan & all, and they're not naive. But, I think this is detrimental to our kids! If this continues, they'll be getting out of school in July. They're already in school until mid-June to begin with, as the state passed a law last year that said no publicly funded school can start until after Labor Day. They're missing school, and teachers have to jumble around their schedule to make sure they get everything in.
But the sad part is, I know that the problems with the roads aren't just during the winter: the roads themselves are a shambles. Potholes everywhere, the lines on the roads are so faded, I can barely tell where my lane ends, which is FUN when there's snow on the ground and you can't see the road anyhow. I know that reflectors on the lines aren't really viable since snowplows would scrape them up, but I also know that on Highway 50 to Lake Tahoe, they have reflectors that are embedded in the asphalt. They dug little divots in the road & stuck little reflectors in them, so the plows don't hit them. This would be great on freeways, when there's no lights along the road, and you can barely see. At least you'd be able to look at the lines in the road & know if you're in your lane or not.

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Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

That's crazy! We barely get any snow here and 2-3 inches are considered a bunch here and we have snow plows running all night!!