Friday, October 12, 2007

Welcome do the laundry

Yeah, that was pretty much how I was welcomed home after being in CA for 4 days. As this was Jeff's first foray into being alone with the children for longer than 4 hours, he did very well. In truth, I wasn't expecting the house to be clean, not even remotely. So, I wasn't too disappointed when the first things out of his mouth were, "I have no clean pants & there's no coffee." Well, maybe I was a little, at least about the coffee.

There were only a few minor incidents regarding shoes, soccer socks & a forgotten lunch box. But all were taken care of, and the children all came out unscathed.

My plane got in pretty late, so Jeff left the girls asleep at home with Steph and came by himself to pick me up. When I got up the next morning, and walked into Sarah & Katie's room, it was so cute: Katie just looked at me, smiled and said "HI!!!" really loud. Sarah just ran to me & hugged my legs and said "Mama!" I think they were happy to see me.

Emma had been telling her friend's mom that I needed to come home soon. When she asked why, Emma told her that there were no clean dishes, there was laundry everywhere, and there was no food in the house. And apparently Daddy couldn't amend these issues, so therefore I was the only one who could.

Emma has welcomed me home in her own little way: by getting pink eye. Her friend Adam had it on Tuesday, and Emma came home early from school with it yesterday. She now has it is both eyes because she won't stop rubbing them. I'm about to put her in a straight jacket. The pedi we saw gave us a sample bottle so we could start treatment right away, as well as treat anyone else who happened to come down with it. I'm hoping to avoid that but we share germs in this house like we share hugs. Which is to say, a lot. Kinda hard to avoid when you've got 3 kids. The germs, I mean, not the hugs. LOL And I think I jinxed myself when I was in CA, as I had just been telling my aunt that we'd been lucky to not have any illnesses since the beginning of school a month ago. /smacks forehead I need to keep my big mouth shut.

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