Monday, January 16, 2006

Sure, why not?

I swear, the list of crap that happens to my family is growing ever larger, and I really don't know what to think of it. First, Sarah's hearing eval. She developed a fever the night before...greaaaat. I wasn't sure if they'd go ahead & perform the test, and I couldn't call them when they opened, because I needed to be there at that time, and it's an hour and a half long drive. So, I doped her up on Motrin and Tylenol, thought the fever was gone in the morning, put her in the car, and went. By the time I got there, the fever was back, sigh. I told the nurse about it, she took her temp, 100.5. Not bad, but she wanted to check with the sedation meds guy (not a real anesthesiologist, but something similar). He said she would probably be fine, but because of the Ds to make sure her airway was completely clear when she was asleep. So, we gave her the meds, and she fell asleep about 10-15 minutes later. They started hooking her up to everything, and commenced with the test. It took about 90 minutes, during which time I read a little, and then stared at the monitors, and listened to the idle chat between the hearting test guy, and the Outpatient Nurse who was overseeing Sarah. By the time the test was over, it was about 12pm. She woke up when the guy tried to do a tympanogram on her. He couldn't get a reading on her right ear, but was able to on her left. He said that was normal. He then proceeds to tell me that Sarah tested as having a 30% hearing loss in her left ear, which I don't quite understand. She's never had any ear infections, and she passed her newborn hearing screen. So, I'm not sure what's happened since then to cause the hearing loss. She has no fluid, so it can't be that. Oh well another mystery to be solved.
So, back to the fever. It continued until Saturday, and then that night, I was putting her pj's on and noticed Sarah had a light rash on her chest and belly. The next morning it was almost covered in this red rash. Sigh, roseola. It explains the fever. Oh well, one more thing for Sarah to put in her baby book. She got roseola, just like her big sister.

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Anonymous said...

It may be that the test was inaccurate. While this is likely to be rare, it is possible. She could have had a bit a fluid from being ill on that ear, or something else could have been off.

Elainah had an inconsistant read and it was fine when repeated. Maybe you can reschedule it? You may also get a better read with ABR, but I believe this test involves being sedated.

Sorry to hear she has been ill. Fevers are no fun at all, at least you figured out the cause.

How's the pregnancy going?