Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Can you hear me?

That's not really an issue with Sarah, I know she "hears" just fine. It's whether or not she's hearing well enough to imitate the sounds she's hearing into intelligible words in the future, which was a problem with Emma when she was a toddler. She had so many ear infections, that it affected her speech, and here we are with her, 4 years later, still dealing with ST. I'm not under the false hope that having Sarah's hearing professionally tested that it will make her speech perfect in the future. All I'm hoping to avoid is having to go back & re-teach her how to speak, after having learned how NOT to do it. She's thankfully never had a diagnosed ear infection, but there can be fluid with no infection. She's always grabbed at her ears, chewed on her fingers, all of that. The local ENT can't get a good seal on her tiny ear canals to be able to test her, so we're off to Lansing on Thursday to get a sedated ABR. Sedated, as in, they're putting my 20 month old to sleep. I'm not looking forward to this. They had to do the same thing to Emma when she was 3. I had all sorts of horrible visions in my head about Sarah thrashing around while they tried to insert a needle into her hand to administer the drugs to knock her out. But, the office called me yesterday with their list of demands (no food after midnight, no drinks after blah blah) and questions. They told me they give her an oral sedation med. Made me feel a lot better. Now the only problem is that I can't feed her until after I get home. That's going to suck. We're leaving the house at 6:30am, to get there by 8, the test is at 10, it takes about 2 hours, then we need to wait for her to wake up, and be drinking clear fluids for at least 30 minutes before we begin our hour & 15 minute drive home. I'm expecting that she won't be able to eat until at least 2:30pm. I'm counting on a very unhappy baby by the time we get home. I would cheat and feed her right away, but I don't know how she's going to react once awakening from the sedation, and I really don't want to deal with a pukey baby when I still have another 45 minutes to go on the drive home. So, I'm going to bite the bullet and just wait. I'll bring little things that hopefully won't upset her little tummy, like saltines and apple juice, just in case she gets really unruly, but I'm hoping that won't be necessary. I doubt she'll sleep on the way home, as she'll have just woken up from a very restful 2 hour nap.
In other news, I forgot to say that we found out that a bid has been accepted on our house. Which means, we're moving...again. Sigh. I hate this. This is the second house we've lived in since moving to MI 2 year ago, and it's the 2nd house that's been sold out from under us. I'm really tired of dealing with this. So, we've decided to buy. Bite the bullet and just get out from under someone else's thumb. We've already spent one Saturday looking at houses and we're planning on the doing the same thing for the next few Saturdays. Fun fun.

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