Wednesday, January 18, 2006

School? What's that?

That's what I'm fearing Emma will say once she has to go back after 2 straight "Snow days". Well, yesterday wasn't technically a "snow day", it was more of an "ice day", as we had freezing rain. Joy. Last time I checked, frozen rain was "snow". But apparently, here in the Midwest, they have another whole category of precipitation that we native Californians are not aware of. But, then again, I wish I could feel ok with complaining about the weather, but in all honesty, this winter really hasn't been that had so far. It's barely snowed at all since Christmas (with the exception of last night, thus causing the 2nd day in a row of Emma having school cancelled), and what snow we did have melted in the week of abnormally high temps (ok, it was in the upper 30's & lower 40's, but that's abnormal) we had for about 2 weeks. But, I'm expecting it to start up again here soon. Usually what happens is we have snow on & off from the middle of November to January, which melts and re-accumulates. Then, in January, it snows really big, and it stays until the end of March/beginning of April. And as weird as this sounds, I'm actually hoping it'll snow enough to cover the ground for awhile. The grass is all yellow & dead looking, and I'd rather have snow on the ground to make it look pretty than have to stare at that. I know, what's becoming of me? Not that I love the cold weather, I just would rather have snow than dead grass.
So, an "ice day" yesterday & a "snow day" today. Today was supposed to be Emma's snack day. I bought vanilla wafers & cheese sticks. I don't know if I should keep them, or let the kids eat them. I'm thinking that because every child in the class has been assigned a snack day, that probably means Emma won't get to "make up" her snack day. She'll just have to wait until next time, which will be in about a month. So I'm thinking, let the kids eat it. I know Sarah will be happy, she loves vanilla wafers. And as picky as Emma is, she actually likes cheese sticks. But, she won't eat a slice of cheese from the block. Strange.
I'm getting impatient for my U/S in 2 1/2 weeks. I really want to find out what we're having. I still have my suspicions that it's a boy, but then again, I thought Sarah was a boy. We've been having a rash of ppl we know who have 3 of the same sex. It's not a good omen, lol. But, then again, I believe genetics has more influence than trends. And according to my family, you have 2 girls and then a boy (or two boys, but I doubt that will happen). My grandmother did it, as did my dad. My aunt started the trend, but stopped after having my two cousins (both girls). So I'm still holding out hope for a boy. Even though, if it ends up being a girl, I won't be disappointed, and I won't have to buy much, lol. But, I think Jeff's craving a bit of testosterone in the house. He feels like he's living in a harem, and everyone's having PMS. Too much estrogen. It's like that song in "Annie", "Little Girls". Not the homicidal inuendos, but I think you get what I mean. I'm anxious to find out the sex, not only because of the family dynamic implications, but also because I want to start picking a name. Jeff isn't even interested in discussing it because he feels, why should be agonize over a name, only to have 1/2 of the selections tossed out. He feels we should just wait until we know, and then we'll only have half the book to ponder over. I suppose it's a good point.

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