Monday, November 07, 2005

Too many movies, not enough time

There are so many new movies out that I'm dying to see. The new Harry Potter movie comes out next week, there's a remake of "Pride & Prejudice" that looks awesome, the Chronicles of Narnia one coming out in December, ahhhh! The list goes on & on! But of course, just 2 weeks ago, when we had TIME to see a movie, I didn't find anything that looked decent. Or that both Jeff & I wanted to see. He's still not into girly films, so I'll probably have to drag a friend to see Jane Austen. I know my aunt will be severely critical off the new film, as Colin Firth is her dream man. He played Mr. Darcy in the BBC version of P & P 10 years ago. She's got a wallpaper of him in full Mr. Darcy gear on her iBook.
Sarah has discovered our stairs and it's scaring the daylights out of me. She's SO fearless and has no concept of gravity, so she'll go up a couple and then plop down, thinking the ground will be there, like it's risen up to meet her diaper-covered bum. She took a small tumble over the weekend. Only one step, but still, not fun. And she has determined that sleep is for the weak. She's decided that regardless of the fact that she goes down for the night at 8pm, she thinks it's perfectly acceptable to still be awake at 10pm. I hope this is a phase, because I'm running on 5-6 hours of sleep a night as it is, which isn't cutting it for my pregnant self. I'm exhausted. It's so bad, I fell asleep at the computer the other night. I need to start taking a nap everyday, just so I can make it til the kids' bedtime!
Sarah has also decided that Duplo blocks are the best scatter & spread around the floor & then leave for me to step on and break my ankle. She does something put a couple together & then rip them apart, she likes the ripping apart.
Emma, on the other hand, is my prolific artist child. She is CONSTANTLY drawing, coloring, or creating something. We have bags of art & projects spanning only the last 2 years. It's crazy. But, she loves it. She's probably gone through at least one ream of computer printer paper, on her own, about every 2-3 months. We finally had to put a halt on that, and made her use her own construction paper. But, at least once a day, I get the question,"Mom, can I have a piece of paper??" I think the demand has gone down only because she's at school all day & uses THEIR paper. Maybe we have an ar-TEEST on our hands.

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