Thursday, November 17, 2005

Ah the joys of Michigan weather

I say that with a BIG smirk of saracasm. It snowed yesterday. Not a bunch, maybe 1/4 inch, just a dusting. But, it's COLD!!!! The temp when we took Jeff to work this morning was 25 degrees, with a wind child of 10. Yes, 10, as in degrees. Brrrrr. When it's that cold outside, you don't even want to move, because it's too uncomfortable to try.
I bundled up Emma like a Stay-Puff Marshmallow this morning. She had a sweatshirt on underneath her snow coat, with one of my scarves wrapped around her neck & a fuzzy headband covering her ears (she keeps forgetting her snow hat at school), and gloves. I don't envy the teachers who have to unwrap the kids when they get to school.
I was a bit upset because when she got off the bus yesterday, she wasn't wearing her coat. She was wearing a dress, and her coat was in her backpack. Ok, these people put my child on the bus, where you have to walk outside to get ON the bus, without her coat??? I was a little flabbergasted. It was freezing yesterday. If that happens again today, I'll be having words with the person who puts the kids on the bus. I know for a fact that the bus doesn't always show up right as school gets out & I've seen the kids waiting for it outside for at least 10 minutes. My kid better not have to wait in the cold for 10 minutes when it's 30 degrees outside because you don't want to bother with asking her where her coat is. She's 5, she needs help.
This weather doesn't help my family, who are all in various stages of recovery from some sort of illness. Sarah has been snotty for 6 weeks, Jeff stayed home from work yesterday with the flu, and Emma was just put on some medicine for a viral cough. Joy. Sarah's pedi thought the snottiness might be from allergies so he put her on oral granules of Singulair. We'll see how that goes. And the little bugger hasn't been sleeping very well. The past two nights have been horrible. Then ight before last she woke up at 4am, happy as a clam; then last night she woke up at midnight & 6am. I'm exhausted. It's a good thing my morning sickness/nausea hasn't been as bad as it's been in the past otherwise we'd all be living like "Lord of the Flies" right now. We're halfway there as it is.

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Trizza Grantham said...

Hey Amanda!

It's Trizza - formerly Jernigan, now Grantham. I found you on MySpace and then got the link to your blog. I just wanted to say hi and tell you how gorgeous your family is. Congratulations on the new baby! I haven't talked to Tim in a few weeks, so he hadn't told me about the new little one yet. And Michigan! Brrrr! I lived there once, and it is quite chilly.

I hope that you don't mind that I added your blog to my favorites so that I can check in and see what y'all are up to.

Anyway, tell Jeff I said hi!