Monday, October 03, 2005

Friends & colds

Our friends Robert & Tiana, along with their 3 boys, Ryan (5 3/4), Austin (3 1/2) and Justin (13 months) were here over the weekend for a visit. Robert is the one who's in the Navy, but who is being sent out to Afganistan to be deployed with the Army for 7 months. He's leaving the 23rd, and we wanted to see him before he left. It's always interesting whenever we get together. The kids run around and after awhile, get on each other's nerves. The babies roll/crawl (in Sarah's case)/walk (in Justin's case) and try to eat the cat food. And us adults play Spades and make outrageous bets. A fun time is had by all. But then comes the inevitable time of "the parting" and no one's ever happy about it. We live too far away from each other, minimum 12 hour drive. Needless to say, neither of us are ever too anxious to make the drive, although Robert & Tiana have done it quite a few more times than we have. But, with Robert leaving soon, we know we'll see Tiana & the boys more often. We're going down for Thanksgiving, they might be coming up for Christmas. And I know there will be a big celebration when Robert comes back from overseas.

The only bad part about this weekend was that Sarah woke up sicky on Saturday. She's got a cold, snotty and all nasty. No coughing or sneezing, so I'm hoping it won't get any worse. She's trying so hard to be positive, like my kids normally do, even when they're really sick. She still had enough energy to chase the cat & play with Justin. She just hates the bulb syringe. The "blue snot-sucker of death". She lashes her poor little head around, trying to evade the whooshing sound of snot being sucked out of her nostil like a vacuum. As much as I try to explain to her that she will be able to breath better without all the copious amounts of mucous in her nose, she doesn't quite believe me. Since this is really only her 3rd cold of her life (which is remarkable in & of itself), I can't really blame her for not realizing that it's helping her. She doesn't remember the last time we used it, lol.

On another note, Emma's team lost their 2nd game on Sunday. Boo. These 5-6 year old teams have ringers, I tell you! Each quarter there was ONE kid who just took the ball & knew exactly what to do with it. I'm not saying our kids aren't playing well themselves, but I think the kids on Emma's team are afraid of the net. They'll drive the ball right up to the goalie box, and ALL they have to do is kick it, but it seems like they chicken out. Emma does this, too. She'll run with the ball right up there, but then it seems she expects everyone to get out of her way and stop, so she can pause & kick the ball into the net without anyone trying to stop her. I think I should remind her the only way to do that is to get a penalty kick, and I don't think they implement that rule until about age 8-9. They're so cute in their little herd, ALL running around, no passing the ball to a teammate, no looking up to see where you're going, just running and kicking the ball. LOL It's too funny....frustrating, but funny.

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