Monday, October 10, 2005


Jeff & I found out on Friday that we're expecting again. It's a little shocking & unexpected but we're excited none the less. According to my rudimentary calculatons, I'm due in the middle o June, near our anniversary. That's also near Emma's Kindergarden graduation, so we'll see which comes first, lol. Sarah came an hour into the day after her due date. And so far, both of my kids have been morning births, so who knows? If I miss Emma's K grad, I'll have a valid excuse.
Emma's already requesting a girl & Jeff a boy. But, I'm fairly certain the time has come & gone for putting in votes. The decision has been made & it's final. My grandparents from Santa Barbara were visiting on their cross-country trip said, "You could get both & have twins!"Don't even joke.
So now we have a little logistics to figure out: where everyone will sleep, as well as when to get Sarah out of the crib, and the dreaded "double-stroller" issue. But we still have a lot of time to worry about all that stuff. Now if only I hadn't just given away all my baby stuff...


Naomi said...


We talk vaguely about a third every now and again, but as we've started giving away baby stuff I think we both know that we're probably done.

How old will Sarah be when baby is born? We have a side by side double stroller and love it now, however when Kieran was an infant it was a nightmare as Callum wouldn't leave his little brother alone.

Kristina said...

awwwww congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!! isntthat how it always is? you get rid of your baby stuff and get pregnant! how exciting 3 is great =)