Thursday, June 03, 2004

Summer blues

Last week was Emma's last day of preschool before they break for the summer. It was the last time she'll be going to that school because next year she's going to the CMU Kindergarten Readiness preschool. It's 4 days a week, 2 1/2 hours a day. And best of all, it's free. I know she's sad that she won't see her friends for awhile, but I'm trying to set something up so she can see a few of them during the summer. She's already gotten upset at the fact that we keep driving by the school & not going.
We have our tickets comfirmed for our trip to CA. We're leaving the 14th of June and returning on the 29th. It's going to be fun flying cross country with 2 kids, but Emma's been on planes before & Sarah should be relatively easy to care for, since if she starts crying, I can breastfeed her. The only thing that might be hard is the layover in between flights in Minneapolis. It's 3 hours long. We're definitely going to have to bring some toys & other distractions for Emma, otherwise she's liable to drive the other people in the airport batty. I'm hoping she'll want to take a nap, but I know that's a pipe dream.
Last night was Jeff's last day of his Human Growth & Development class. It was a rough 3 weeks but we got through it & hopefully Jeff will get an A in the class and it'll be all worth it. He did really well & worked really hard. I'm very proud of him. Now all he has is his math class for the next 3 weeks. I'll be gone for the last 2 weeks of it, so hopefully he'll be able to handle everything without me.
We put a bid on the house we want, and it's been accepted. Well they countered for $1,000 more than what we offered, but that's fine.But, we're in 2nd place right now, since they had already accepted another offer before ours. But that one might fall through, so we're the second option. That's fine, but we're also still looking at houses, just in case it doesn't fall through. Plus, I just found out that our real estate agent is going out of town for a week, so that might cause some problems, especially if the deal falls through & we have to look elsewhere for a house.
The kids are doing great. Sarah is continuing to grow & she's rolling over more. She did it three times in a row the other night. I kept putting her onto her tunny after she'd roll & she'd immediately roll back over, like she was saying,"I want to be on my back, mom, not my tummy, quit putting me there!" It was funny. Her vision is starting to seem better. She stares at the mobile above her swing now more intently, and she's starting to take more interest in the rattles we hover in front of her eyes. I thought I got a tiny smile the other day, but it hasn't been a full blown one yet. I'm still waiting. It could take up to 12 weeks, and she's only 6 weeks, so I'm not panicking yet. She smiles in her sleep though, so I know it's coming. Emma is still really great with her. She loves her little sister to death, even though she's having a bit of confusion about Sarah's gender. She keeps saying Sarah's a boy, not a girl, like her. I keep trying to explain it to her, but I don't think she's ready to listen. She's getting better at not throwing huge temper tantrums whenever we tell her something she doesn't like (this is a bahavior that started after Sarah was born) but I think this is the way she's voicing her inner displeasure. Which is better than her taking out her aggressions on the baby, which is what I was expecting.

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