Monday, April 28, 2008

Bad blogger

I have been most remiss in updating my blog as of late. I have valid excuses, but that's just what they are. Quick run-down of what's been going on lately: Sarah's birthday last weekend, job interview the previous Friday (a job I got, TYVM), preparing for finals this week, trying not to freak out over signing home-ownership papers this Thursday, packing, cleaning, etc.

First Sarah's birthday. Because we're moving soon, we decided not to have a big party just yet. We're going to wait until after we're all settled into the new house. But, she did have a small little celebration in her class. I made muffins to bring in, and the kids sang "Happy Birthday" and she had a lot of fun. Katie had a blast, too, showing off her signs and generally causing havoc as she SO wanted to be part of the class. Here are a few pics from the party, taken on a cell phone, cause I forgot the big camera (D'OH):

She had a fun time, and I'm sure we'll have most of these same kids over for her big party in a few weeks. :D

On to the job interview. It was for a student position at CMU. Since I am technically a student, I can get a student job, which is nice, since they have to be flexible to my class schedule and they pay more than minimum wage. Down side is, it's not a ton of hours to start with, but I'm ok with that since I'm slowly weaning the kids (and me) into me not being a full-time SAHM. The main purpose for me going back to school is for me to get a degree and ultimately, work full-time as a teacher. It'll take a few years, but most likely will be reality around the time Katie is either in preschool or K. Anyhow, I got offered the job, and it starts in the Fall semester. It's in the same set of buildings that Jeff works in, so that will be nice. It's also right across the street from where I'll most likely be taking the bulk of my classes, so I won't have to walk very far.

As for the house, we're scheduled to close on it this Thursday. I've been slowly packing up non-essential items and getting rid of a lot of stuff. My plan was to have a yard sale before we moved, but I'm thinking about having it the weekend after we move. Most of our stuff will be at the new place already, which will make it a little easier. I also still have to make time to go out to the storage unit & get Emma's new bed and a few other things.

School is almost over, and Jeff & I are oh-so-very happy about that. We each have 2 finals this week. My last one will be finished about an hour before we close on the house. I'm officially a "Degree-seeking student" now, which is exciting. Since my grades in high school & the 2 semesters I went to a JC weren't all that stellar, I had to kinda prove myself to CMU that I was serious. I guess I did, since they changed my status without me asking them to. :D This means I'll be able to meet with an advisor and figure out which classes I'm going to take. It's pretty cool!

That pretty much sums up how our life's been going lately. Hopefully it won't be another month before I post again. But, I wouldn't doubt it either. :P

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! Good for you getting a student job. It will be so good for you! And I'm so excited about your house. You still have to send me a list of things you want as a housewarming gift.
We're so proud of you Amanda!! Mom