Saturday, November 06, 2004

Movie day

We all went to see "The Incredibles" this afternoon. It was a pretty good movie. I had read that they recommended that young children (i.e. Emma's age) shouldn't see it because it was rated PG and had some pretty adult themes in it. After seeing it, I think I agree with the critics. Although it had it's funny moments that Emma understood, most of the time it seemed like she was just watching the movie & not really enjoying it. There were parts where it was obvious that a character died and not very pleasantly. It was still enjoyable, even though I had to take a seriously poopy Sarah to the bathroom and then 10 minutes later have to take Emma. Although Emma wasn't poopy. Too much soda.
There were plenty of funny moments, including one where a secondary superhero is trying to find his supersuit and his wife has hidden it because she doesn't want him leaving when they have dinner plans. Totally reminded me of Jeff & I. Not that I would hide his clothes from him, but the fact that he THINKS I do.

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