Monday, November 01, 2004

Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone's Halloween was fun. Ours was great. I was racing to finish Emma's Straberry Shortcake costume before trick-or-treating. Of course, as always, I wait until the absolute last minute to finish everything. I always get in trouble for that. I had finished her pants the day I got the pattern (over a month ago), so why did it take me until 4 pm on Halloween to finish the hat? Cause I'm a procrastinator. It's what I do best. I apparently do my best work when I'm stressed.
Well I finished it & everyone thought it was adorable. Sarah went as a duckie. It was actually Emma's costume from her 1st Halloween. I just updated it a little. There are a few pictures on the website.
We went to the Towers at the college. The Towers are a series of 8 dorms that Jeff works in. There are between 5-8 floors in each tower and most of the floors had at least 3-4 rooms where college kids were handing out candy. I didn't remember it being nearly as crowded last year as it was this year. We didn't actually stay there very long last year. But it was too chilly to do much trick-or-treating outdoors this year, so after Emma filled up practically two buckets full of candy, we went home. Not bad for only an hour and a half. The hardest part was schlepping Sarah's stroller through the elevators & halls of the dorms.
Emma was a pretty good trick-or-treater. She just forgetting to say thank you after getting the candy. It seemed she was on a singular mission & formalities such as politeness were thrown out the window. Sarah, of course, was adorable & just sat in her seat, looking cute.
It seemed we missed the bulk of trick-or-treaters while we were gone and only had 2 sets of people come to our door. So we have this multitude of candy on our hands now. And without a doubt, most of it will end up on my hips. LOL

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