Thursday, December 18, 2008

Oh blog, I have not forsaken thee...

This poor blog has taken the proverbial back seat for the last month or so. I have numerous things that I want to blog about, but most of them are going to require vast amounts of uninterrupted time and energy, neither of which I have at the moment.

Just a few notable anecdotes:

* Jeff & I both got through our finals/last papers with our sanity (mostly) intact. We just got our grades: 2 A's for me, an A & a B for Jeff. I'm so very proud of him!!! This has been the hardest semester to date for him and he did fantastic!

*Emma turned 9 last week. Instead of a birthday party, she decided she wanted to go to Great Wolf Lodge for a couple days. So we leave for there next Monday, which is Jeff's birthday. So we'll be celebrating 2 birthdays at once. This is Jeff's 30th, so it's a big deal. :)

*The little girls are doing great, aside from neither of them being able to take a nap due to their constant playing when they're supposed to be sleeping. In fact, I just had to put them in separate rooms and lay down with each of them in order to get them to sleep this afternoon. They were both exhausted, but were playing too much to notice. It only took 5 minutes each for them to fall asleep.

There are lots of other things going on, but this will have to suffice for right now.

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