Thursday, July 12, 2007


My girls love each other very much. I'm not just talking about the assumed love that all relatives have. I mean, really, truly, they love each other. They care about each other's feelings & enjoy being together. I can especially see that bond between Sarah & Katie. Yesterday after lunch & baths, Sarah, Katie & I spent some time playing around on the floor. I was the "Mommy junglegym" and the girls had a blast crawling around & laughing like hyenas. Sarah thoroughly enjoys using Katie as a rug, climbing on top of her & lying on her. Katie, for the most part, accepts this and doesn't get too upset.
They both look up to Emma. She is their most celebrated heroine. When Emma plays with them, they just light up. All the girls love music, and Katie & Sarah love it when Emma sings to them. It calms them down when they're cranky & upset.
The unfortunate thing is because they share such a strong bond & want to emulate each other, that means they also tend to pick up each other's bad habits. For example, Emma has this ritual with her Papa, where they scream in each other's faces. It's cute, if not loud. :P Sarah has decided that this is an acceptable way of communicating, even when she's not talking to Papa. So she will intermittingly yell at the top of her little lungs, directly in your face. Not to say that Sarah doesn't have her own bad habits to share. When she's sitting at the table, she will throw everything on the floor: her cup, her plate, food, other people's food/cups/plates. Today she decided to pull the tablecloth off the table. Which wouldn't have been so bad, if there hadn't been a GLASS on the table, full of water. ::sigh:: So, I got to clean up, not only water spilled all over the floor, but big & little chunks of glass, one of which decided being stuck in my finger was the most awesome place to be. OUCH. I have to laugh (now, although then not so much) because this is just a string of things Sarah has done in the past 3 days. First, she got ahold of an ink pen & scribbled all over our couch, then she got ahold of Emma's color markers and scribbled all over the Pergo floor (what is it with my kid & writing instruments??), and now today, the tablecloth thing. Oh I can't wait to see what she has in store for me tomorrow!! (Can you sense the sarcasm?? LOL)


Jen B. said...

So funny and so cute! I can't wait to see pictures of the girls :)

Nicole said...

There's nothing better than sisterly love, and nothing worse than passing those bad habits! We're living the same life. LOL

Kitty, Nathanael's Mom said...

Oh the joys of water and colors! We strip color the sheetrock..can't win!

Leticia said...

I have three girls too, and my Christina is doing magician practice like Emma (let's see if I can pull this). I've learned to keep most things on the table plastic!
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Leticia Velasquez tablecloth off. . .with the dishes staying put, this time!)