Monday, November 13, 2006

Have kids, will travel

Jeff, the girls & I just got back from another trip to CA. It was a nice 2 weeks. Mom had been in the hospital, but was out a couple days after we got there. The girls got to go trick-or-treating with Aunti M & Uncle Mark, played their hearts out with cousin Ariel & spent WAY too much time in Nana & Papa's spa. My Aunt Judy, and my grandparents came up from Santa Barbara to see mom, and Emma spent 3 nights with them at their motel. She apparently spent her time either in the pool, or eating the motel out of house & muffins by scarfing down their "All you can eat breakfast". I seriously think she gained 10 lbs. while she was there (her brand new pants that I had bought right before we left apparently are too tight for her now...).
It's funny, we normally only see family in CA about once every year, but this is our (well, Katie, Sarah & I's) 2nd trip to CA in 2 months, and we're going again at Christmas. Oh well, you can't have too much of a good thing.

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