Sunday, September 03, 2006

Wake me when they're at college

Seriously, I should have listened to the people who warned me that having children was exhausting. Maybe I would have been better prepared. The drama/excitement/poopy diapers/puking/crying/picking up NEVER STOPS. I don't know if I have the stamina to do this for the next 18 years.
Not that I don't love my children, but they have more energy than a pack of sugared up howler monkeys and are just as loud at times. But they have a reason to be excited: Grammy's here. My mom flew in on Friday and is staying for over a week. Emma is in heaven. She loves Grammy. Grammy, unfortunately, due to chemo, has even less energy than me, so it's been interesting, to say the least. But, Emma's been a good sport and is helping Grammy out. Sarah has decided that she's going to start puberty early & is extremely moody lately. And Katie, well, Katie's 3 months old, and her only needs are a clean butt, a full belly & constant interaction. She LOVES it when you sit there & look her in the eyes and talk to her. She seems to thrive on it. She's giving us the biggest smiles and has the funniest expressions on her face.
Emma starts 1st grade on Tuesday, and that will help with the non-stop chaos around the house. But, then we also have soccer starting soon, which will add a whole new dimension. I think I need a nap...

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Debra said...

wow do I remember those days. Now I am just old and Hope alone wears me out. LOL. They do go fast and soon you will have three girls in school and wish for those days. Really :-)

Hugs from Debra and Hope